Information about School Budget

On the Brunswick Schools blog there is now a page with information about the 2012-2013 school budget.

Also, if you use Facebook and are interested in getting involved to learn more about the school budget and other issues facing public education in Brunswick, check out a new Facebook group called Brunswick Community United. So far over one hundred people have signed up. Here’s the description of the group:

We represent a community of Brunswick residents, parents, grandparents and business owners who are committed to protecting and preserving the Brunswick public schools. We believe great public schools are worth fighting for. This year we are facing another round of major budget cuts that pose a real threat to the quality of our schools. The purpose of our group is to create an easy mechanism for parents to stay informed and get engaged in the process. Thanks for joining our group!

Guidelines: Members of this group should feel free to engage in discussions on this page. There is room debate and dissent, however the administrators will delete comments that don’t adhere to basic principles of civility and respect. Also, please be sensitive that while this page is visible only to group members, it is for all intents and purposes a public place and so exercise discretion when referencing specific events or individuals.


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